What is Misty Meadows?

Misty Meadows is an attractive and comfortable 39-unit apartment community. A full range of services and amenities are offered for one all-inclusive price. These services and amenities include meals, housekeeping, laundry, individual emergency response system, 24-hour staffing and much more.

How will Misty Meadows be staffed?

The full-time, on-site manager will be responsible for day-to-day operations under the guidance of the administrator. Our 24-hour staff will provide the best possible service and attention to everyone at Misty Meadows.

Do the individual apartments offer privacy?

Yes! Every resident will be provided with a building key and a key to their individual apartment. Assured privacy at Misty Meadows is simply a matter of closing your front door. Misty Meadows is a friendly, social community which also recognizes the importance of each individuals privacy.

Are the apartments furnished?

No. Misty Meadows gives each occupant the opportunity to bring personal furnishings to make the apartment as comfortable and familiar as possible.

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